50 x C1 Book Wrap – 216 x 154 x 55mm


  • 50 book wraps per pack
  • 100% recyclable
  • Direct From Manufacturer
  • Seal & peel self adhesive tape strip

Internal Size: C1 (216 x 154 x 55mm) | Bundle Quantity: 50

1+ £18.90 | 5+ £18.00 | 10+ £17.10 | 100+ £12.29

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BWA2S7050 x A2 Book Wrap - 620 x 456 x 70mm50 Per Pack£99.22£94.00£88.00
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BWA3S8050 x A3 Book Wrap - 430 x 380 x 90mm50 Per Pack£46.42£43.70£41.25
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BWA4S8050 x A4 Book Wrap - 298 x 232 x 50mm50 Per Pack£22.70£21.00£19.40
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BWA5P6050 x A5+ Book Wrap - 245 x 165 x 70mm50 Per Pack£19.90£18.40£17.40
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1-BM0150 x C1 Book Wrap - 216 x 154 x 55mm50 Per Pack£18.90£18.00£17.10
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1-BM0250 x C2 Book Wrap - 260 x 175 x 70mm50 Per Pack£18.06£17.20£16.34
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1-BM0350 x C3 Book Wrap - 311 x 240 x 50mm50 Per Pack£29.72£28.30£26.89
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1-BM0450 x C4 Book Wrap - 326 x 280 x 70mm50 Per Pack£34.65£33.00£31.35
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1-BM0550 x C5 Book Wrap - 415 x 355 x 100mm50 Per Pack£45.15£43.00£40.85
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Packaging Now supply and manufacture the highest quality book wrap mailers available in the UK.

If you are looking at book packaging for your business to pack, secure and wrap around books or even printed material such as catalogues then our book wraps are the perfect solution. They are also commonly used for software such as computer games, or even DVD is and BluRays for shipping out movies.

The book wraps are made from a high quality corrugated cardboard giving that cushion protection from knocks, bumps and scrapes during postage. We here at Packaging Now have designed our book wrap packaging to to have creases at different variable lengths so they wrap around a range of different thickness books. No need to use any void fill packaging as the item will fit snugly inside the corrugated cardboard. Your item will look smart, and most importantly be secure.

Featuring a peel and seal self adhesive strip

They also come fitted with our easy peel and seal self adhesive tape so you can quickly package your item fast and securely without the need for any tape. Simply place on your item, fold around the corrugate, peel the yellow adhesive tape and seal by fixing down. It takes seconds and is easy, fast and secure. They are easily opened using a fast tear strip as shown in the images to the left.

If you are a retailer or eCommerce store looking for a reliable way of packing your products that are book like size, then our cost effective book wraps are ideal for you. They also save you money through postage as they are designed to fall within Royal Mail PiP small parcel guideline prices saving you money on postage. They are also plainly coloured brown allowing you to easily write address details on the packaging.

Buy direct from the manufacture, saving you time, money and the peace of mind that your item will get to your customer safely.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 26 × 10 cm


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ImageSKUNameBundle Quantity1 +5 +10 +Buy