We have a massive selection of only the highest quality packaging adhesive tapes from the world’s leading brands. Keep your parcels secured tightly with Packaging Now tape.

If it’s standard brown parcel tape, printed fragile tape, double-sided tape, or more specialist tape then we have you covered. We have a massive range of tape and dispensers.

We also can create custom-branded printed tape, featuring your logo and text. You can read more about our custom tape here.

Value Tapes

The most cost-effective means of tape we have stocked, seen as a general-purpose packaging tape. These are fine for sealing small/medium boxes also sealing envelopes and other means of packaging protection.

Premium Tapes

Discover our fantastic range of premium parcel tapes online at Packaging Now. Here you’ll find a selection of tapes ideal for a variety of packaging requirements. Choose from our brown or clear 48mm x 66M low noise acrylic tapes, or clear low noise 48mm x 150M acrylic tape, all of which are comprised of a high adhesive and a silent release while remaining reliable at low and high temperatures.

Bonus Tapes

Ensure your goods are safe and secure with our wide selection of bonus tapes at Packaging Now. Whether you’re reinforcing cardboard boxes, securing a parcel, or clearly labelling instructions on valuable items due for transit; our bonus solvent tapes are a versatile means of packaging your goods.

Printed Tapes

Some posting and shipping orders require more than just your average packaging tape, especially when securing a cardboard box containing valuable or delicate goods. If you’re storing, posting, or shipping fragile items that require careful handling, our printed tapes provide the ideal means of clearly displaying clear instructions to the handler or courier, ensuring your belongings or products reach their destination safely and in one piece.

Paper Tapes

We stock a range of specialty paper tapes. From our gummed tape to our reinforced crossweave reinforced tape.

Masking Tapes

Masking tape has a massive range of applications. Whether being used for decorating or arts and crafts, all of our tapes here at Packaging Now are long-lasting and incredibly reliable. Our 48mm x 50M decorators tape is incredibly resistant to a range of solvents and water, making it ideal for taping off borders or patterns while painting, while its residue-free removal means that your walls, canvas or other surfaces will remain free from unwanted marks and remnants of adhesive.

Bespoke Tapes

Give your packaging that unique professional touch with our custom printed tape. Build your brand by including your logo, message or slogan printed directly onto tape you use on your product packaging. You can have your tape printed in up to 3 different colours. Both our tape options are 48mm wide and 66 meters long.

Machine Tapes

If you’re in a fast-paced environment that requires a lot of packing, machine applied packaging tapes are going to save you a lot of time and resources. At Packaging Now you’ll find a range of packaging machine tapes that ensure a seamless taping application and an efficient, strong seal every time. Our high-quality machine tapes are available in a range of sizes for whatever the scale of your operation or whatever the item.

Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is the go-to tape for a range of needs, whether that’s for DIY around the house or even an art project. Whatever it is that you need, we’ve got the ideal adhesive for you right here at Packaging Now. Our double sided tape and carpet tape is available in a range of sizes and a variety of bundles.