Bubble Mailers

Jiffy Bags & Featherpost Bags

Pack your items fast with our Bubble Mailers. Peel off the protective strip to reveal the adhesion and press down to seal envelope. Lightweight yet superb padding for all goods, providing excellent protection against crushing, our jiffy bags or bubble mailers are designed to protect fragile contents such as Jewellery, Cosmetics and Phones. These bubble mails are easy to write on, with no need for special pens. Safely ship your items with our protective bubble mailers.

Discover the convenience of jiffy bags or featherpost bags for efficient and secure mailing. Trust in their padded protection for your delicate items. Choose from a variety of sizes to ensure secure packaging for your valuable goods.

Explore our jiffy or featherpost bags for lightweight and reliable shipping. Ideal for sending documents, clothing, and other non-fragile items. Protect your items during transit with our secure and padded mailers. Trust in their quality construction for safe and damage-free delivery.