Find all the strapping and accessories you need with Packaging Now. If you need that extra bit of protection for your parcels and pallets then our strapping products are the perfect solution. If you use hand or automatic machine strapping then we have you covered.

From our versatile, light plastic polypropylene strapping. Ideal for strapping around products that are being shipped long distances, or stored for longer periods of time. To our strongest stainless steel strapping that is suited for my heavy-duty applications. Browse our selection below, if you have any questions about what is suitable for your product then get in touch with our expert team who will be only happy to help.

Hand Strapping

We have a range of hand strapping available in a choice of colours and sizes. Our Polypropylene hand strapping on plastic reels are easy to work with, perfect for light pallets and parcels for shipping.

Machine Strapping

If you require strapping machines or polypropylene strapping to feed into them then we have you covered at Packaging Now. We have strong sturdy strapping that is available in different colours, reel sizes and break strains.

Steel Strapping

Buy our strongest form of strapping with our stainless steel range. Ideal for heavier applications due to its extremely high breaking strength. We also have a range of tensioners, buckles, and tools to assist in the application of the strapping.

Strapping Accessories

Range of tools and accessories to assist with the strapping process. From our tensioner & sealer kits to our strapping seals. Our growing range of strapping accessories will give you the best possible solutions when it comes to securing your shipped items.