We here at Packaging Now have a huge range of plastic polythene packaging. No matter the type of plastic packaging you require we will have something suitable for your requirements.

We have a range of different types of polythene bags, in a range of different sizes. We have bags for light-duty use, to strong sturdy bags that protect heavier bulky items. We also have easy seal zipper bags with our grip seal bag range.

With other plastic packaging products like our document wallets, pallets and shrink wrap we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality of the product, at great prices.

Anti Static

Anti-static products aid in preventing the buildup of static electricity that could result in an electrical charge and potentially some expensive damage to your electrical goods. Often produced from synthetic fibers in floor coverings, static electricity can become problematic if not safeguarded against. That’s where our static control products come in, here at Packaging Now you’ll find a range of anti-static products to securely protect any goods that may suffer electrical damage.

Document Wallets

Browse here at Packaging Now for our extensive selection of document wallets, available in a range of sizes for all purposes. Our documents enclosed wallets offer secure, water-resistant protection during delivery.

Grip Seal Bags

Ensure your goods are safe and secure with our wide selection of bonus tapes at Packaging Now. Whether you’re reinforcing cardboard boxes, securing a parcel, or clearly labeling instructions on valuable items due for transit; our bonus solvent tapes are a versatile means of packaging your goods.

Gusseted Bags

No matter what kind of product you’re posting, a gusseted polythene bag can offer you the protection your products need while in transit. Perfect for separating items in a larger selection of parcels and keeping fabric items free of dust and dirt, gusseted cellophane bags are a popular choice for businesses delivering goods to customers.

Hand Pallet Wrap

Choose from a selection of sizes of hand stretch film, all of which are able to be applied easily by both hand or a shrink wrap dispenser. Our hand pallet wraps are an efficient means of safely and quickly securing all manner of goods, however bulky or oddly shaped. With high tensile strength, high puncture resistance and high tack, our hand stretch films are ideal for a range of environments and applications.

Heat Sealers

Our top-quality, durable and cost-effective Heat Sealers are the tools to seal polythene products.

Layflat Tubing

At Packaging Now, our layflat tubing is available in an array of sizes to suit your every packing need. Whether you’re moving house, decorating, packaging or storing goods – our polythene layflat tubing has a huge range of uses.

Pallet Covers

Our convenient, perforated pallet covers fit popular pallet sizes and can be used with stretch wrap. Top covers provide high moisture and dust protection.

Polythene Bags

Polythene bags are a widely used means of both storing and displaying a range of items. Due to their transparency, these bags are ideal for allowing customers to easily view contents while also protecting your goods from dust, dirt and moisture. Available from Packaging Now in a range of sizes and gauges, our polythene bags offer a completely hygienic and totally dependable means of storage.

Polythene Tools

Our Polythene Tool Film Unroller has an integral separator bar and is also suitable for polythene layflat tubing.

Shrink Wrap

Heat shrink wrap is the perfect solution for properly securing a range of packaging. Whether that’s palettes or singular boxes containing heavy or fragile items, shrink wrap covers tightly and safely around a range of differently-sized goods once the heat is applied. At Packaging Now, you’ll find a wide selection of shrink wrap rolls available in a range of sizes and finishes, including black and clear, as well as our machine film for use with a shrink wrap machine.