We are one of the UK leading suppliers of corrugated cardboard boxes. We have a massive range of cardboard styles to suit the shipping and posting of many product sizes.

If you are looking for simple cardboard boxes for shipping or storage, then we offer single and double wall cardboard boxes variants in a range of different sizes.

We also have a range of more specialist boxes like our house moving boxes range. Need to store your documents? Then our archive boxes range are perfect for storing away documents in an organized manner. Great for office or home use.

We have innovative eCommerce packaging with our postal boxes ranges, from our die-cut postal sized boxes to our popular book wraps. We are constantly updating our range with the newest innovations to packaging.

Archive Boxes

Keep things uncluttered at home or in the office with our quality stock of archive boxes at Packaging Now. Whether you’re a small business, large company or you’re sorting out the house, our sturdy supply of corrugated cardboard file boxes are ideal for storing all manner of papers, documents and files. With incredibly durable construction and easy-to-carry handles, our archive boxes at Packaging Now will make the storing and transporting of your belongings a stress-free and safe process.

BDCM Boxes

Thanks to their clearly printed text for vital information including the supplier; catalogue number, size, colour and quantity, these storage boxes are perfect for use in retail, mail order, catalogue and a range of other commercial industries.

Not only are our BDCM boxes incredibly practical, but they’re also extremely hard-wearing and made from durable single wall cardboard.

Book Wraps

Book Wraps

If you are looking at book packaging for your business to pack, secure and wrap around books or even printed material such as catalogues then our book wraps are the perfect solution.

They are also commonly used for software such as computer games, or even DVD’s and BluRays for shipping out movies.

Cardboard Trays

Cardboard trays have a multitude of different uses, whether you’re using them as storage or for moving goods, their solid design and flatpack assembly means that they’re quick and easy to both hideaway and use.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes

If you’re looking for a strong box to ensure your parcels stay safe in transit, our double wall cardboard boxes are the packaging solution for you. At Packaging Now, we specialise in high quality packaging solutions that guarantee you high performance parcel protection. Our double wall corrugated boxes offer double the strength for a secure packaging solution.

Envelope Boxes

Letterbox size packaging that fits directly through the letter box. Boxes sized to Royal Mail PiP guidelines for ‘Large Letter’. Send your items through the post while saving money through Royal Mails pricing in proportion guidelines.

Moving Boxes

At Packaging Now you will find a huge range of high-quality moving boxes and packing boxes that also make for ideal storage solutions for a variety of other applications. Available in a range of sizes to suit a multitude of needs, our moving boxes arrive flat-packed and are incredibly easy to assemble, meaning that your boxes will be built up and ready for sturdy storage in no time at all.

Postal Boxes

Our Postal Boxes are the ultimate choice when it comes to shipping and posting your small and medium size products, keeping them safe, secure and presented professionally. Our Pop-Up Self-Seal Postal Boxes are big time-savers!

Removal Packs

Moving house or office? Our Removal Packs contain everything you need; strong corrugated cardboard moving boxes in sizes small, medium and large, bubble wrap, tape, bin bags, newspaper cuttings and marker pens.

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes

One of the most popular kinds of packaging at Packaging Now, single wall cardboard boxes are considered packaging essentials for businesses of all kinds. Perfect for use as both storage and postal solutions, single wall corrugated boxes are a simple yet effective way of storing and posting items safely.