We have a huge range of protective packaging here at Packaging Now. From our very popular bubble wrap to our void filling loose fill solutions, corrugated rolls, and edge protection.

We are ever-expanding our product range, sourcing only the best protective packaging from only the highest of quality manufacturers.

Our Arofol padded envelopes are the perfect solution for keeping your items protected during postage. Padded inside with a cushioned bubble lining you can safely send out your smaller items with the ease of mind that they have that extra bit of protection.

Bubble Mailers

If you have a small parcel that can be sent by envelope, you may want to consider a bubble mailer for additional protection. Our Bubble Mailers are designed to hold small parcels and documents and protect them while in the post with the addition of a bubble wrap layer lining the envelope.

Bubble Wrap

Shop for bubble wrap rolls large and small in our collection at Packaging Now. One of the most popular and important kinds of protective packaging available, you should consider bubble wrap if you want to ensure that fragile items are safely delivered.

Corrugated Roll

Corrugated roll offers an economical means of packaging, aiding in reducing shipping costs as well as protecting a wide range of goods. Thanks to raised corrugated grooves on one side of the paper, additional cushioning is provided in order to increase the protection of items, all while remaining lightweight to reduce additional weight costs. Manufactured from recycled paper and wholly recyclable, corrugated paper is a fantastic packaging choice for environmentally conscious companies looking to do their bit to reduce waste too.

Edge Protection

If you’re shipping items with corners or edges that may become damaged, it’s important to choose edge protectors to prevent damage while in transit. Our edge & corner protectors are available for both edges and corners of your items, in gentle foam, sturdy board, or heavy-duty plastic options depending on the weight and strength of your item.

Imitation Kraft Paper

With imitation kraft paper, not only are you picking a paper product that is incredibly durable and versatile, but you’re also choosing a product that is kind to the environment too, having been made from 100% recycled paper. With multiple uses for wrapping and packing across a whole host of industries, our imitation kraft paper is a fantastically economical and inexpensive alternative to pure kraft paper.

Loose Fill

Our top-quality, durable and cost-effective Heat Sealers are the tool to seal polythene products.

Mesh Sleeving

If you’re searching for protection for awkwardly shaped items, look no further than our mesh sleeving at Packaging Now. Able to be applied as protection for all manner of cylindrical items, protective mesh sleeving is widely used to protect ceramics and metals from chips and scratches, particularly during transit. Thanks to its oil and grease-resistant properties, you’ll also find mesh sleeving widely used to protect important machinery parts. For a protective mesh sleeving in a range of sizes and colours, browse right here.

Pallet Covers

Our convenient, perforated pallet covers fit popular pallet sizes and can be used with stretch wrap. Top covers provide high moisture and dust protection.

Pure Kraft Paper

Available in a range of sizes, our pure kraft paper presents an efficient and easy-to-use means of packaging for a variety of products, whether that’s for commercial or personal use. Pure kraft paper rolls offer a high-quality wrapping material for loose fill products and come ready cut in a range of widths to minimize packaging waste and expenses. This sustainable source of paper is not only extremely hard-wearing and durable, but it’s also highly presentable and adds to the aesthetics of your package as well as the security and practicality.