Find all of the packaging accessories you’ll ever need online at Packaging Now, the experts in packaging solutions. Here you’ll find a range of items to aid in the safe and proper packaging of personal belongings or commercial goods due for transit. With our postal accessories, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve bought only the highest-quality products for securing your goods whatever their nature and whatever the journey or means of storage.

Be sure to check out our range of cardboard boxes and polythene bags for additional packaging solutions, as well as our wider range of postal products.

Shrink Wrap Dispensers

Available in a range of sizes, our wrap dispensers are ergonomically designed to make packaging processes less stressful, faster and much simpler.

Tape Dispensers

Among our range, you’ll find the likes of heavy-duty sellotape dispensers and dual-core tape dispensers that house both 25mm and 75mm tapes.

Refuse Sacks

Available in a selection of sizes for whatever the job, our refuse sacks are made from an incredibly low-density material, making them puncture-resistant and impressively strong.


Ensure that your goods are safe and secure with our selection of parcel twine; extremely tough, durable and 100% resistant against detrimental effects such as shrinkage, rot, water, oil and abrasion.

Sack Ties

Perfect for securing bin liners, our PVC coated sack ties and sack tying tools quickly create evenly-wound, reliable seals.

Paper Dispensers

Cutting-edge, ergonomically designed products to help with any paper related needs, all of which can be installed on a bench, wall or under-mounted.

Packing Station

An amazing selection of high quality packing station accessories to prepare you for all of your packaging needs.

Strapping Accessories

From strapping dispensers, sealers and tensioners, our range of accessories are the ultimate tool kit for any strapping needs.

Heat Sealers

Our Impulse Heat Sealers come with an integral cutter and are ideal to use with polythene bags.

Warehouse Tools

Our selection of warehouse tools and equipment will ensure that your work space is kept safe and tidy, and that staff avoid hazardous trips and slips.


Our range of pallets are light, cost-effective and durable. They are guaranteed not to splinter or disintegrate, are easy to wash-down, possess good chemical and moisture resistance and reduce risk of harbouring contamination.


Ensure you and your staff are protected with our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Keep your workplace safe with our face visors and a selection of hand sanitising gel.