We have a range of packaging paper to suit the need of any application. Looking for brown parcel paper? Then consider our high-quality kraft paper rolls, we also have the imitation kraft recycled rolls in stock at various sizes.

We also have our popular newspaper offcuts, perfect for wrapping products and keeping them protected during transit or house removal process. Our tissue paper range is ever-growing, currently available in 15 different vibrant colours.

We also have specialist paper packaging, like our waxed kraft paper and rust inhibitor paper. With various paper dispensers also available Packaging Now is your number 1 choice when it comes to packaging.

Brown Parcel Paper

One of the most quintessentially British way to wrap parcels, brown parcel paper is not only a practical wrapping solution but is also one of the most popular parcel wraps that customers look for. Our collection of brown paper includes a choice of both imitation kraft and pure kraft brown paper depending on your parcel wrapping needs.

Newspaper Off Cuts

Shop our selection of newspaper offcuts here at Packaging Now. Newspaper offcuts are useful for all kinds of packaging solutions, from keeping breakables safe while moving house to padding out a parcel to protect the contents. Choose our high-quality white packing paper for a quick and efficient protective packaging solution.

Tissue Paper

Looking for protection for your packaging? Discover our range of paper products here at Packaging Now, the ideal and affordable means of securing your goods. All of our tissue paper is acid and bleach-free.

Waxed Paper

Waxed paper is widely used for the storage and transportation of oily, greasy items such as machinery parts, making it widely used in the engineering sector. Thanks to its wax-covered surface, our waxed kraft paper offers a moisture-resistant barrier against machine oil, protecting not only the goods themselves but also any additional items that you may be storing or transporting.

Anti Rust Paper

If you’re transporting or storing metals, you’re going to need anti-corrosion paper. Containing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI), our anti rust paper is an important method of rust prevention.

Paper Dispensers

Our paper dispensers Can be bench, wall or under-mounted.

Kraft Paper Bags

Environmentally friendly paper bags, made from 100% recycled Kraft paper. We can supply them in 4 different sizes, perfect for general use. Made from 75gsm brown Kraft paper for tear resistance and high-quality presentation. Self standing with block bottom base.