25 x Postal Tube – 330 x 50mm ( Size A3/A4 )


Size: A3/A4 | Length: 330mm | Width:50mm | Bundle Quantity: 25

1+ £6.60 | 5+ £6.30 | 10+ £6.00 | 80+ £5.00

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ImageSKUNameBundle Quantity1 +5 +10 +Buy
1-PT2025 x Postal Tube - 330 x 50mm ( Size A3/A4 )25£6.60£6.30£6.00
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PTA27625 x Postal Tube - 450 x 76mm ( Size A2)25£13.90£12.36£11.12
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1-PT2125 x Postal Tube - 450 x 50mm ( Size A2 )258.808.408.00
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1-PT2225 x Postal Tube - 635 x 50mm ( Size A1 )25£10.50£10.00£9.50
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PTA17625 x Postal Tube - 635 x 76mm ( Size A1 )25£18.36£16.56£14.90
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PT10557625 x Postal Tube - 1055 x 76mm25£37.50£33.33£30.00
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PT8557625 x Postal Tube - 855 x 76mm25£24.10£21.42£19.28
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1-PT2325 x Postal Tube - 890 x 50mm ( Size A0 )25£17.05£16.00£14.50
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PTA07625 x Postal Tube - 890 x 76mm ( Size A0 )25£25.28£22.47£20.22
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Our brown postal tubes will keep your posters, artwork or even maps such as survey maps protected during mailing and shipping.

Simply roll up your paper and slide it into the tube and seal with the provided white plastic caps.

The strong brown outer Kraft thick paper will protect your item from creases and rips during transit. These tubes are also a great way to store away old posters.

We have a range of different sizes to choose one for your different paper sizes, such as A0, A1, A2 and A3/A4.

If you are business that sending out products that are based around paper then our these tubes are the perfect option for keeping your products protected during post. Low cost and highest of quality, direct from the manufacturer.


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