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Bespoke Products

    At Packaging Now we offer a range of Bespoke products including boxes and tape. This allows customers to have their own brand and logo on their packaging products. Choosing bespoke products adds that extra touch of personability for your company or business. It is a great way to push your brand and show your customers that you care about what you’re selling and the image of your establishment. How your products get to your customers is very important, so why shouldn’t the packaging they arrive in be too?... Read More

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Package your Mother’s Day gift with care.

    Mother’s Day is coming up and Packaging Now have a few ideas on how to get your gifts and cards safely delivered and beautifully presented for those wonderful Mothers out there… If you’re sending a special card and want to make sure it doesn’t get damaged, our Padded Bubble Envelopes are perfect. They are padded on the inside with cushion bubbles that will keep the card protected during transport from you to her. The outside of the envelope bag is also made from a tear resistant kraft paper.... Read More

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Pop Up. Self Seal. Simple!

    Our brand new eCommerce range has arrived with the handy pop up Self Seal Postal Boxes, available in 4 sizes! Do you need time and cost effective packaging for your eCommerce business? Our top quality eCommerce postal boxes with a peel and seal closure and tear strip are supplied flat packed in bundles of 20, at a highly competitive price. Similar to our Pop Up Archive Boxes, these postal boxes could not be any easier to assemble! Made from durable cardboard, they provide extra strength and are ideal... Read More

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Why acid free tissue paper is important, and how you can use our brand new coloured tissue paper range!

    Packaging Now’s new coloured tissue paper range has arrived! It is available in 15 beautiful colours; Baby Blue, Black, Cerise, Dark Green, Ivory, Lime Green, Lilac, Orange, Pale Pink, Peach, Purple, Red, Turquoise, Violet, and Yellow. All of our tissue paper is acid free, but why is that important? Acid-free tissue paper is completely PH neutral, which is important if you’re using tissue paper to package, wrap or for long term storage, ensuring your precious items remain intact… from delicate clothing, artwork, antiques, photographs and everything in between.... Read More

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Brand New Removal Packs!

    Packaging Now has now launched our top quality Removal Packs! Moving house or office is a time when reliable packaging is crucial. You’ll need boxes to store and move your belongings, and strong tape to safely seal them, as well as protective packaging to keep everything safe. Our Removal Packs come in sizes small, medium and large, to suit all removal and moving situations. Small removal packs contain a total of x17 highest quality, corrugated cardboard moving boxes (x10 small, x5 medium, x2 large), bubble wrap 500mm x... Read More

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Art Packaging? We’ve got you covered!

    Recently, Packaging Now have been receiving a lot of orders from art galleries, art suppliers and artists. We appreciate that so many businesses trust our protective packaging to keep their important products safe and professionally packaged. Our L-Shaped U Foam Corner Protectors are perfect for keeping edges of paintings and pictures safe from any damage whilst in transit. Similarly, our Solid Board Edge Protectors are another option to ease any damage worries for fragile or valuable pieces that need to be packaged and shipped. For extra protection, our... Read More

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Read up on our Multi-Use Corrugated Boxes, manufactured here!

    Cardboard boxes are a pivotal part of the packaging industry. Our corrugated boxes are proudly manufactured here at Packaging Now. We offer a large range of cardboard boxes, from single and double wall boxes, archive boxes, BDCM boxes, postal boxes, moving boxes and so on. Our most popular corrugated product is our high quality postal boxes. Also known as pizza style boxes, they are the ultimate choice when it comes to shipping and posting small and medium size products, keeping them safe, secure and presented professionally. If you’re... Read More


The eCommerce industry and why it’s growing so quickly.

    Buying online comes naturally to a lot of people nowadays – it’s quick and easy, a lot of people are no longer keen on carrying cash, and it saves you the journey of venturing out to busy shopping centres. But why is the eCommerce industry growing so quickly? Many businesses of all sizes are opting to take their livelihood online. Following Amazon becoming the biggest company on the planet, eCommerce businesses have now became even more popular. There are many advantages to running an eCommerce business, which we... Read More


Environmentally Friendly Packaging

    One of the main issues in the packaging industry today is the question of whether or not production is environmentally friendly within companies. We have taken this opportunity to enlighten our customers on Packaging Now’s environmental policies, and the current and upcoming activity in the industry surrounding the topic. We are proudly Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited. FSC are a highly regarded organisation which promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests. This, of course, incorporates packaging... Read More


Black Friday Weekend Event – A Thank You From Us

  The Black Friday weekend sale is now over and we at Packaging Now thought that we could take this time to thank our customers for the success it turned out to be! In this sale we were able to create new records for the amount of sales made in a day and the total accumulative value of the sales for a given day also. We are very grateful for this! Another positive received from Black Friday weekend is the number of customers we had seen return to us for... Read More