Bubble Mailers

If you have a small parcel that can be sent by envelope, you may want to consider a bubble mailer for additional protection. Our bubble envelopes are designed to hold small parcels and documents and protect them while in the post with the addition of a bubble wrap layer lining the envelope.

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Bubble mailers are the best solution for businesses that are posting out small items that could be fragile or damage easily in the post without protection. Filled with a simple lining of bubble wrap, bubble envelopes offer additional padding and protection that standard envelopes can’t offer to help keep your items safer.

Bubble Mailers

Sometimes referred to as arofol envelopes, these padded envelopes are bubble wrap lined to ensure that smaller, possibly fragile items can be safely posted without the need for cardboard boxes. Our bubble mailers are tear resistant and durable so you can be sure that your items will be safe while out for delivery.

Bubble Envelopes

We offer many other parcel protection solutions here at Packaging Now in addition to our bubble envelopes. Browse our postal and protection collections to discover more ways to safely post your items, or take a look at our collection of boxes for additional protection.