Build Your Brand with our Custom Printed Logo Tape

Custom Printed Logo Tape

Make your packaging stand out with your own custom tape

Give your packaging that unique professional touch with our custom printed tape. Build your brand by including your logo, message or slogan printed directly onto tape you use on your product packaging. You can have your tape printed in up to 3 different colours. Both our tape options are 48mm wide and 66 meters long.

The process is easy, simply tell us what type of tape you require, you can choose between our standard polypropylene tape or more premium vinyl tape. Provide any logo artwork or message you require on your tape and the number of rolls, and let our expert team do the rest.

We offer a free origination service, with a fee applied to any alterations if needed. A design proof will be emailed to you for your approval. Once you are happy with the proof and signed them off your tapes will be delivered to your door within 15-20 working days. It is that easy.

If you would like more information, if artwork is suitable or would even like to order. Please contact us at 0800 160 1404 or email us at You can also get in touch with our easy to use form at the bottom of this page.

Price List

Standard Polypropylene Tape

  Price Per Roll (£)
48mm x 66m  72 rolls144 rolls 288 rolls 576 rolls 1152 rolls 
 1 Colour £3.10 £1.76 £1.63 £1.50 £1.42
 2 Colours £3.34 £2.50 £1.70 £1.57 £1.45
 3 Colours £3.64 £2.66 £2.16 £1.64 £1.52


Premium Vinyl Tape

  Price Per Roll (£)
48mm x 66m  72 rolls144 rolls 288 rolls 576 rolls 1152 rolls 
 1 Colour £3.42 £2.12 £1.99 £1.90 £1.81
 2 Colours £3.66 £2.82 £2.06 £1.97 £1.88
 3 Colours £3.89 £3.00 £2.48 £2.04 £1.96